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Why Security Fencing Is Essential

Lower the risk of theft, security fence will help protect the property from intruders. A good security fence will help prevent theft of vehicles and breaking into your facility. A security fence will also help deter thieves from targeting your facility. The advantages of chain link fence is it can be built as high as 14 ft tall.​ Security fencing will also help in the prevention of vandalism. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars cleaning up graffiti and vandalism. A good security fence will help stop this criminal activity.

Security fence will keep staff and visitors to your facility safe. As a business owner your #1 priority is keeping your employees and clients safe, Fencing keeps out intruders night and day. It also prevents wildlife from wandering on the premises.
Security fence and access control systems allows you to have full control of who enters and leaves the property. Intercom and card readers are a great way to have full control of your facility. In addition security cameras can also be set up at the gates and corners of the property.

Chain link fence is both effective and affordable form of security. Chain link fence has the lowest up-front cost of all other types of fencing.

It last a very long time with minimal maintenance and repair. Heavy gauge galvanized chain link fencing will be able to withstand the hardest weather conditions and resistant to rust.


Ontario Provincial Fence is committed to providing our clients with the best customer service in our industry. Quality work and customer service is what OPF is known for and our customer. Every OPF project comes with a 1 year warranty on all workmanship. All footings are between 10-12″ in diameter and 3.5-4′ deep depending on the soil conditions. CRA status, HST payments, Workers Comp ( WSIB), and liability insurance are current. OPF you can trust. All our installers are capable and well trained. Every OPF project is detailed on a legal contract, nothing is missed. Our team is dedicated and professional. Each project starts with client and crew site meet to go over the project before it starts. OPF has security clearances for all government related projects. OPF has installed over 10 000 fences in the last 35 years.OPF has a combined experienced group of fence installers totaling over 1000 years.


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