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1 Year warranty on all workmanship.
All OPF projects require a 50% deposit before and additional 50% upon completion of project. Paid upon completion as per contract. Accounts unpaid after 2 weeks will result in either collections, construction lien with legal action. Payment Arrangements may be made only before signing of contract. No exceptions.
All pictures, advertisements, videos are the intellectual property of OPF. All rights reserved. Any duplication of OPF intellectual property will result in legal action. No exceptions.
When signing a contract with opf allow 6-8 weeks for project installation. All weather permitting. This year because of cov-19 projects may be delayed by 10-12 weeks due to material shortage, delivery delays, utility locate delays, inspection delays. OPF is not responsible for any of these delays.
OPF is not responsible for any job delays created by either client, manufacture or transport company.
All utility locates are handled by Ontario Provincial Fence. Private locates including irrigation lines are customers responsibility.
Customer is responsible for marking all property lines. Property pins or stakes must be present before construction begins no exceptions.
Customers or pool companies who have coordinated pool fence inspections with the city of kingston must also include OPF in all emails.
Ontario Provincial Fence Guarantees that all products shall be supplied with normal tolerances, variations and limitations and that all service work shall be completed in a good and workman like manner, as is familiar within the fence industry.
OPFENCE does not carry any warranty on any materials including hardware. No exceptions.
OPF is a zero tolerance company. Our employees have the same workplace rights as other organizations even though our office is in your backyard. Please be kind and respectful. Any will result in cancellation of your contract and loss of deposit followed by legal action and police involvement. No exceptions.
Once a contract is signed their will be no changes made to contract unless a change order has been signed and accepted by OPF and the customer for the extra charges.
OPF old fence removal information- When removal is done price quoted is for cutting post down just below grade level and to dispose. Any posts with concrete to be removed requested by customer will result in a additional initial charge of $165.00 plus $85.00 per post.
Hard digging, core drilling, jack hammering will result in extra charges. Compressor fee of $485.00 Core drilling and jack hammer fee at a rate of $85.00 per post.
If core drilling is required and steel post used for wood fence building construction application. Extra charge of $ 185.00 per post for steel post install, grouting and cladding of post plus initial compressor fee.
OPF is not responsible for material defects after completion of project. Drying of lumber, twisting, cracking, warping, rotting, flacking, peeling ect. OPF chooses the finest lumber available to be used on all our projects but will not be responsible for any lumber or hardware. NO exceptions.
Gate warranty as follows- All gates will be covered under normal intended use for 30 days from time of project completion. After completion of the work opfence will take a short video of your gate working as it should before opfence leaves the work site assuring the gate worked upon completion of the project. Gate hardware is not covered under warranty. If a gate is left open and the wind blows gate shut causing damage to the gate lock and finger latch this will not be covered under warranty. If the material the gate is built from warps, cracks, twists and causes gate to not function as it should this is not covered under warranty. If the gate post twist and causes gate brace above the gate to move causing the gate to not function as it should this is not covered under warranty. Acts of god example strong winds blows the gate off its hinges this will not be covered under warranty. Gate cane bolts are not covered under any warranty.
OPF will not be responsible for fence posts installed in heavily watered area of work site or fence line. No warranty. No exceptions.
Once a fence or deck is built according to contract and customer request changes to the build this will become as an extra. $ 165.00 plus the cost of materials and a additional $85.00 per hour until the changes of construction is completed. Change order must be signed before changes are made.
When the contract states fence is to step to grade, any additional request made by the customer to use longer boards to fill gaps at bottom of fence will result as an extra. Additional $ 165.00 plus the cost of longer boards and additional $85.00 per hour until changes to construction have been completed.
Customer is responsible for grade. OPF will not be responsible to alter the grade during any construction. Customers responsibility to make sure that the grade is sufficient for fence or deck building. No exceptions.
Customer is responsible to pick up pet waste in backyard prior to construction. No exceptions.
OPF reserves the right to hire sub contractors to complete the work contracted by OPF. Same 1 year warranty applies.
OPF is not responsible to move any furniture, bbq, pergola, sheds, bikes, boats, trailers, stones, plants, trees, toys ect. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the work site is safe and clear of any obstructions before and during construction.
OPF will not start any construction on fresh laid sod until 6-8 weeks has passed to allow sod to settle and grow. If customer request to start construction on fresh laid sod the customer will be responsible for all repairs and damage made to sod and backyard. No exceptions.
OPF does not supply post caps or gate inserts. If customer supplies OPF with post caps or gate inserts extra charges are as follows. Install post caps at $8.00 per cap. Gate insert install at $50.00 per insert. Customer supplies caps and insert.
OPF does not supply top soil to cover footings after post install. Dirt from site is used to fill the top of footings. If customer request top soil to be used this can be done as an extra charge of $ 8.00 per post.
All materials used for all projects during construction belong to OPF. Scraps, cut offs, extra left over materials all belong to OPF. No exceptions.
All fence boards are nailed using ACQ coated rust free nails. If a customer request fence boards to be screwed this will become an extra charge at a rate of $ 75.00 per fence panel plus the cost of screws. No exceptions.
OPF is not responsible for any material including drying of material, twisting, cracks, warping, lumber deficiencies. Pressure treated lumber is known to do this and never is it OPF responsibility.
All services are warranted under normal and intended uses, and as per all terms and conditions as listed in the service warranty for a period displayed on contract.
Ontario Provincial Fence reserves the right to substitute new product lines when replacing older products under the terms herein. Ontario Provincial Fence shall make reasonable efforts to minimize any visual discrepancies arising from said substitution.
Warranty shall only become effective after both parties, including payment in full by the customer, have completed orders and shall become null and void if the product is damaged by factors falling outside of normal and intended use.
All warranty claims by the customer shall be forwarded in writing including a copy of the original sales order, to OPFENCE prior to the expiry of the warranty period.
Normal and intended uses specifically does not include, piling of snow, earth or other materials either on or against the product. Spraying chemicals or water , with heavy mineral content, on the product. Damaged caused by placing plant life , or other foreign materials in contact with the product, or accidental damage, negligence or other acts of God.
The above constitutes the complete warranty by OPFENCE. No other agreement , written or implied , is valid. OPFENCE does not authorize any other person or agent to make any other express warranties.
OPFENCE reserves the right to cancel any contract at any time for non payment of deposit.
All warranty claims come with free product evaluation. After evaluation its determined to be material issue OPF will charge
$ 129.00 plus tax for warranty
inspection service as OPF does not warranty any materials.
Any cancelation of OPF contract will result in a $400.00 cancelation fee and legal action.
Any refund made from a credit card purchase will result in a $25.00 charge.
* Exemptions: Post hole only and footings. Meaning OPF will not carry any warranty on post hole job since OPF is not building the final product.